B. Mosley’s Pectus Story

B. Mosley pectus journey so far, written from the mother’s perspective:

My son never showed signs of pectus excavatum until he was probably about 13 years old. His pediatrician diagnosed it at one of his yearly physical exams. We had him tested for Mar Fans and that came back negative. He has never had any pain or discomfort from the pectus. He is not a very active or sports oriented child so I am not sure if the pectus reduced his endurance at all. His pediatrician recommended the Nuss procedure but we were reluctant because it was not causing him any problems. This summer when he was 16 years old he expressed that he would like to have the surgery because he was unhappy and had low self esteem because of the way the pectus made him look. We then proceeded to make an appointment with Dr. Christian at Dayton Children’s Hospital. He underwent all of the required testing including EKG, respiratory functions, CAT scan, cardiac ultrasound, and possibly others I can’t remember! He had the Nuss Procedure on November 27 with 2 bars placed that will remain for about 3 years. He stayed in the hospital for about 5-6 days . His pain was pretty bad but got much worse when they removed the epidural. He had a lot of air in his chest that caused a partially collapsed lung. They performed a pneumothorax to extract the air. He has had several chest x-rays and the doctor says that he has consolidation (pneumonia) in the right lower lung. This is the same side that he had the pneumothorax. He also had an ultrasound that shows a lot of fluid around this area. The doctor wants to give it time to resolve on its own. Hopefully they won’t have to go in and drain the fluid! He is 5 1/2 weeks post op as of this writing and he is still very sore and uncomfortable. He complains a lot about pain under his right arm near the incision and back pain. His pain is especially bad at night. He has slept in a recliner since coming home from the hospital. He has missed almost 5 weeks of school so far and I can’t see him going back to school in the next week. We expected the recovery to be rough but it has been much worse than we thought. The doctor is also surprised and unhappy with his recovery so far. We are hoping that he turns the corner soon! Hopefully he will be happy that he had the surgery eventually but right now I think he regrets it. I hope this helps others to know what to possibly expect.