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People with Pectus do not have an overgrowth of costal cartilage

The most common explanation for why people with pectus excavatum have an indent in their chest is an overgrowth of costal (chest) cartilage. This is simply not true, and although several studies have disproved this, the concept is still everywhere and even clinicians still spread this false information. Not a single study has provided evidence… Read More »

Can you fix pectus excavatum without surgery?

Short Answer: No. Exercise Pectus excavatum is not a muscular deformity, so you cannot expect to fix your pectus with exercise alone. Larger pectoralis muscles, better posture, and stronger abdominal muscles may improve the cosmetic appearance of your pectus, but it cannot fix it. Read more here. Vacuum Bell The Vacuum Bell can pull out… Read More »

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