Is it really necessary to know my Haller index?

By | June 9, 2019

Is a CT scan really needed just for figuring out pectus severity by calculating a Haller index? A recent study found that a physician can probably estimate the severity of an individual’s Pectus excavatum just by looking at their chest.

Now, some hospitals like to get a CT scan to examine the total structure of the chest and the internal organs, but this study raises the question as to whether or not CT/MRI scans are needed for the sole purpose of calculating a HI.

What does this mean for you? If your healthcare provider wants you to get a CT or MRI scan just for the purpose of calculating a Haller index, be sure to ask whether that’s really necessary. Some insurance companies do require it, but it may be worth trying to petition that.

Radiology scans like CT and MRI can be expensive and do carry risks. CT scans, in particular, emit radiation, which over time, can increase a person’s risk for diseases like cancer.

Curious about where the concept of Haller index even came from? The Haller index actually doesn’t relate that well with symptoms. Check out this article.

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