Pectus Excavatum Nerve Pain

By | September 23, 2015

Here is a story from a Pectus Excavatum patient who had the Nuss Procedure done (email her at

“I am now a year and 7 months post op. I also have a stabilizer in my left side with a wire running through it like a figure 8. At my one year mark I started to workout again, but stopped when I started to feel burning, itching electricity pain. In March, I found out that I have SEVERE neuropathic pain. My stabilizer is either pinching major nerves or there is some damage. For 7 months now, I’ve suffered from out-of-this-world shocking pain, which has been a rare case for my doctor.

I am so fed up with my electric episodes that soon I will have another procedure to remove the stabilizer and wire. Something my doctors never had to go back and do. My doctor says at this point being that we are beyond the year mark, that my bar should not move. My bar is actively in place and working on its own without the stabilizer. We are just hoping after surgery that when I wean off my 900mgs of gabapentin, the pain will disappear.

As you can tell, stabilizers may cause excruciating pain whereas for some, they might have an easy journey. Discuss options on what you want to do. I was happy to have the stabilizer and I felt safe with it. But it is unfortunate that I have to remove it now.”