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Safety of Nuss versus Ravitch procedures

This is a very difficult question to answer, but one of the most common. The overall conclusion of a few studies is that they appear to be very similar with respect to complication rates. The best we can do is look to several recent journal articles investigating this question. However, it is very important to… Read More »

Tips for an upcoming Nuss Procedure

The most common question that people have before they undergo the Nuss Procedure is “Any tips?” Of course, each person is different when it comes to the Nuss Procedure. Some people need 1 bar. Others need 4. Some people are young and flexible. Others are old and stiff. Keep this in mind as you think… Read More »

Cost of Nuss Procedure

Responses from the Pectus Facebook page: C.A.: Modified Ravitch: $3500 after insurance C.A.: In Australia, it is free M.E.: Cash pay at Mayo, Arizona is around $25,000 C.W.: $100,000 without insurance K.H.: $45,000 without insurance L.M.: $3000 with insurance B.R.: $3000 with insurance D.R.: $3000 with insurance J.D.: $95,000 without insurance H.D.: $150,000 without insurance,… Read More »

What steps do I take if I want the Nuss Procedure?

If you are a Pectus Excavatum patient and are thinking about the Nuss Procedure, you’ll want to start by classifying yourself based on your personal preference: I want the procedure done for cosmetic reasons. I want the procedure done for medical reasons. I want the procedure done for cosmetic and medical reasons. You can start… Read More »